Updating ubuntu version Fuckchat numbers

Next you need to blacklist the conflicting wireless drivers sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/Add the following lines: #Wireless drivers conflicting with rt3562sta blacklist rt2800pci blacklist rt2x00pci 10. You should see a list of available networks in the network manager next time it boots.

updating ubuntu version-6updating ubuntu version-10

Gnome itself is not bad a few tweaks such as adding dash-to-panel helps but the fact it wiped my folder taking all my data with it means until the bugs are sorted out, stick with unity or mate, far better experiences there.

Your Wi-Fi or graphic’s card might not function out of the box without them (in the case of Wi-Fi drivers, you need an Ethernet cable to get online in the meantime). You can find them by launching “Software & Updates.” From there, select the Additional Drivers tab. Now you can grab your apps from Ubuntu Software, a renamed version of GNOME Software.

Alongside updates, this is where you can go for apps.

Ubuntu Software groups apps by category so that it’s easy to find what you want.

When you already know what you’re looking for, enter the name into the search bar.


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