Updating ps2 driver

Download this troubleshooter: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930 3. 4) Then click "Browse my computer for driver software", and on the next screen click "Let me pick from a list..." 5) On that screen uncheck "Show compatible hardware" and you should see a Synaptics entry in the Manufacturer list. This was icing on the cake, so thanks a lot for this!Fiery Navigator Fiery patch to disable Windows 10 upgrade Fiery Command Work Station Fiery Go apps Fiery Drivers and Utilities Fiery Color Profiler Suite - Free Demo version. A Keyboard Driver is software which allows communication between your keyboard and your PC or laptop. If it's still there, uninstall "Asus Support Device" in device manager, under mice (again, see step 4). I'll come up with a better guide then EDIT: didn't find the option to re-enable updates for the toucpad in the tool, weird It work for me without hide the Asus update. After that, it was a simple matter of installing the driver you provided from ASUS to restore my trackpad functionality!

By the time I get the troubleshooter to run, I am already getting a popup saying the Asus recommended drivers have been installed and I need to restart. I have disabled anything from startup that I think isn't important but still can't beat the installation message. Have you guys tried to uninstall the drivers and not restart, but run the troubleshooter immediately after? And if that doesn't do it, you could of course disconnect your laptop from the internet to prevent Windows from checking for updates (of course you'll need to be connected when running the troubleshooter).Besides, you can also use the touch screen or a Bluetooth/USB/Wireless keyboard.See Also: Fix Mouse and Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10Now, let’s begin.If your keyboard does not work at all, first make sure it is plugged into your computer correctly.Most keyboards connect via a USB port or a PS/2 port. Wireless keyboards need special drivers to work properly, and connect via a Bluetooth interface.For those of you who are using Windows 7 (and it seems plenty of you are…), I wanted to provide an update about our software development for mice and keyboards.


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