Most intimidating songs

When a closer enters a game, it’s almost as entertaining as the game itself.As the pitcher jogs to the hill from the bullpen, the videoboard will show the pitchers’s face, or silhouette, or simply his name.These guys could write an intimidating song about going to the supermarket, so when they put their minds particularly in the horror realm, chances are you’ll find yourself “scared as Hell.” 4.Esham – “9 Dead Bodies” Then their head pops off and rolls down the hall.If you’re going out on the weekend to a club or a party, it’s a big deal.

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You don your team colors, paint your face, and get fired up. The 2016 season resembled the golden age of walk-up song creativity for the South Carolina baseball program, highlighted by former starting pitcher Braden Webb's self-composed Christian rap entrance jam.Reed Scott cemented his status as the quintessential '90s baby by making the "Space Jam" theme song synonymous with the seventh inning at Founders Park. This year's crop is a fairly predictable blend of hip-hop and country, but there are a few clear frontrunners for most intimidating walk-up songs of 2017.The Good Chris Cullen, sophomore catcher: "Hendrix" by Wyclef Jean, 2016.Key Lyrics: "I'ma do this one for my homies gone/ the judge hit the hammer they ain't coming home/ We all are from the danger zone/ the devil pulled the card and he said choose one."Analysis: The track's music video stars Michael K.You open up your favorite streaming service and click on your “Primping” playlist to help get you in the proper mood for the night’s adventures.


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